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On May 21, 2009 Sessio Art had its 18th birthday and attained its majority.

A little about history. If the event of Sessio Art had appeared nowadays, the brand teams would have wrinkled their noses in disgust trying to figure out the meaning of the notion - The Contest-Exhibition in visual arts for the students of art faculties of Higher Educational Establishments. Anyway, we decided not to reject our genealogy and leave everything as it is. I dare say, there was nothing like Session Art in Vitebsk and even in Belarus 18 years ago. It is great that now there are many different means of entertainment for students and they have a choice where to take part. Now there are different foundations, projects, actions, joint exhibitions, invitations abroad etc. Plus the almighty Internet, thank to which you hear and see all the world. But there was nothing like this 18 years ago. Sessio Art was among the first events which accepted any ideas, themes of students. If you think it was easy to do, I can assure you that you are wrong.

A little about art. Recently the renewed colored variant of the movie “17 moments of spring” came out (a famous Soviet series). Hundreds of specialists from different countries worked on this project. The TV announcements, advertisement were powerful and magnetic. It all seemed like a Hollywood blockbuster and all these efforts were not in vain. It worked and the colors were natural, though there was a sense of duality. As Lioznova (the director of the movie) confesses she was persuaded to make the movie colored. At first she refused to do so. The thing is that this movie wins credit of the audience by the incredible atmosphere of black-and-white film. Meanwhile, the producers persuaded her that no one’s going to watch black-and-white film in prime-time. So she agreed. Thus, we are now in a situation when the next step will be coloring the works of Tarkovski, Fassbinder, Bunuel and other masters.

A little about participants. Talking about Sessio Art again, the most important thing is its participants and the atmosphere which they create, in which you understand black-and-white colors and forms intricacy, the irony of content and unexpected art personifications.

About Session Art 2009.

Founders - Youth Affairs Department of the Vitebsk Region Executive Committee, the Culture Department of the Vitebsk City Executive Committee and the State Institution “Cultural Center “Vitebsk””

Partners - the general partner is “Mobile TeleSystems, LLC”. The partner is “Belinvestbank”, Vitebsk region branch.

  1. Nikolay Pogranovsky - art critic, director of museum-reservation “Zaslavl”, presiding commissioner
  2. Galina Kazarnovskaya – head of the sub-faculty of design of Vitebsk State Technologic University
  3. Nickolay Gugnin – head of the sub-faculty of fine arts of Vitebsk State University n.a. P.Masherov
  4. Osvalds Zveisalniecs – professor, Latvian Academy of Arts
  5. Irina Loban – senior lecturer of the sub-faculty of Arts of the Institute of management and social technologies of the Belarusian State University
  6. Ludmila Hmelmitskaya – Director of Mark Chagall Museum
  7. Grzegorz Handerek – Dean of Art Academy
  8. Magdalena Godlevska – art critic, the supervisor of the gallery “Arsenal”, Belostok

 b  Gravele Liga – graphics “Sleeping beauty”, Latgalian branch of Latvian Academy of Arts. Special prize from Vitebsk branch of Union of Artists of Belarus.

b  Musin Oleg“Mishanya”, “Natasha”, painting, 2-year student of Vitebsk State Technologic University, “for the successful color composition of the picture”

b  Chupakhina Evgeniya“The remaining of sense”, arts and crafts, the 4-year student of Vitebsk State University, “for form plastic in sculpture”

b  Sycheva Alexandra – graphics  “Epigraphicues”, the 4-year student of Vitebsk State Technologic University, “for the successful reveal of image in graphics”

b  Bednarek Alicia – graphics “In expectation”, the Academy of Arts, Katovice

b  Menkova Yunna – design “Bolt-comfort”, the 2-year student of Institute of management and social technologies of the Belarusian State University

b  Ontuzrane Ilse – painting “Boudoir”, Latgalian branch of Latvian Academy of Arts

b  Smal Marina – avant-garde “The tables”, the 4-year student of Vitebsk State Technologic University

b  Seredich Maxim – design “My vocabulary”, the 3-year student of Institute of management and social technologies of the Belarusian State University

b  Timoshchenko Ekaterina - arts and crafts “Sylpha”, the 5-year student of Vitebsk State University

b  Chekanova Tatiana, Levaya Natalia – multimedia “High Light”, 5- year students of Brest State University n.a. A.S. Pushkin

Now what concerns the guest program which was presented by Belorussian groups of contemporary dance. Last year Belorussian modern choreography struck the art-critics of IFMC with its creativity. In finale of the international competition all the Belorussian performances were presented. Critics came to a solid conclusion that the talent of Belorussian choreographers revealed. Among the performers were: Minsk dance theatre “D.O.Z.K.I.” with their ballet “Maturity”, which became the Laureate of the first prize in IFMC2008 (choreography by Dmitry Zalessky); Vitebsk studio of modern choreography “Parallels”, miniature “Two steps away from…or the whisper of illusion” (choreography by Evgeny Tyshevich and Anastasiya Makhova) and theatre of modern choreography with the opening ballet “Pushkin’s gonna pay the light bill?”, music by Chaikovsky (choreography – Diana Yurchenko).

Resume. The organizers of Sessio Art are thankful for its participants. Unfortunately we did not manage to embody all the intended ideas, but it can be easily done in future. The visitors of Sessio Art complained about the absence of guest book. Many of them wanted to write lots of pleasant words to the authors of the works. We will certainly create it so that our guests feel the need in it.

Edward Chernivchan
Photo – Andrei Cemenyuk


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