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professor, editor-in-chief of the “Ballet” magazine, Russia
Vitebsk has always had a special atmosphere of creativity that makes it open to challenge and experiment it arts. That is namely what our needs most of all

choreographer, teacher, one of the founders of modern european Jazz-dance technique, Netherlands
I believe that all I could see here in Vitebsk is a true and creative reflection of inner features of your people's mentality, culture traditions and today's life

professor of Beijing Choreographic Institute, China.
I was pleasantly surprised with a very high level of choreography and absolutely professional, really perfect organization of Vitebsk festival.

art historian, critic, professor and director of the Russian ballet Academy in Tokyo, Japan.
Neither I nor anyone of my collegues in the West has had any idea about such powerful process of development of contemporary dance in your country. I'll do my best to attract attention of the world to this stunning phenomenon.

Art director and manager of the “Free Ballet” studio, Russia.
Every year I willingly accept the IFMC invitation because I believe that Vitebsk festival has a sort of creative credo, which is very close to that of my own. I just feel the energy of creative work and enjoy it here very much.

choreographer, teacher, manager dance theater “Tanztheater Christin Brunel”, Germany
I'm invited to Vitebsk as a guest-teacher and I want to tell you that I'm happy to realize that my plastic language is understandable to the young dancers in this country

Professor, Academician, artistic director and chief choreographer of the National Academic Bolshoy Theatre Ballet of Belarus, the Jury chairman
... Nowadays the IFMC is considered an outstanding cultural event not only in Belarus but in Russia, Europe and Asia as well. Its significance is based on the creative energy and professional competence of its creators. The main mission of the organizers is to create preconditions for development of new forms of dance so that ballet wouldn't cease being art of high spirit and thought. The competition that is held in Vitebsk is unique because a choreographic work is estimated here as a whole i.e. as a joint creativity of a choreographer and performers. As far as I know there is no competition of that kind throughout the world.

ballet critic, art historian, Russia
This small Belarusian town with great and brilliant history has seriously claimed its rights to be among world centres where modern tendencies in choreographic art are formed and seen

Art historian, professor, Belarus
I'm firmly convinced that Vitebsk festival is worthy of highest appreciation due to both creative and organizational levels. The choreographers from the former USSR modern choreography as a whole should be grateful to its founders

dancer, choreographer, teacher, France
I felt light and happy working on this stage because an audience turned out to be very profound, friendly and especially tactful when they could hardly understand me

The president of the Swiss association of the actors of ballet (Switzerland)
I feel here absolutely at home among close friends. Perhaps wherever the artist lives he is uneasy, sad or happy with the some kind of things

- director of the Belarusian-Germany joint Company Belwest, the general
IFMC is rather prestigious festival, which is among few cultural events in our country, dealing with serious art being affectionate to my town and its history I'm really pleasant that. Vitebsk hosts such a significant International competition. I feel proud that Belwest is able to support the IFMC.

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